Hey! If you are here, then we have made it to the mix critique stage!

Thanks for working with me! I really appreciate it!

To streamline this process, I have created this page.

Please talk amongst your bandmates & agree on your feedback.

Enter your consolidated feedback into this form for each song.

Each mix critique is to be a single, specific change.

i.e. Raise/Lower Bass (entire song or at timestamp)
i.e. Change tone of guitars -- with detailed description (entire song or timestamp)

Please always include timestamps [min:sec] if it is a time-relevant change. 

The send button will light up as you scroll under the checkbox. It's slightly hidden.

Make sure you use the correct form.
Mix 1 = 10 changes.
Mix 2 = 5 changes

Let's get these tracks finished up!



MIX #1

Mixing Agreement *
I understand that flat rate mixing involves 2 rounds of mix critiques. Round 1 has 10 changes. Round 2 has 5. After these mix changes have been made, further mixes will require attended mixing, booked hourly, or the mix will be considered finished.

MIX #2

Mixing Agreement
I understand that this these are the final changes included in flat rate mixing. After these mix changes have been made, the song is considered finished unless you book attended mixing sessions, booked hourly.