Music Production
with vibe

Studio Zoot is a recording studio
founded by Alex Caminiti.

My recordings have a sound & vibe
that you cannot get at other studios.

The music I produce and mix
has vibe, soul and energy.
It sounds real, but modern
or as I like to put it...

Live, but produced

As an engineer,
I am greatly influenced
by the music of the 60s and 90s.

I believe that it is so timeless
due in large part to how it sounds:

The ambient drum room sound
Clear, but not clean
Tons of analog saturation & distortion
Huge kicks and snares
Deep bass
Tape & digital echos & delays
Big snare reverbs, at times
People talking
I could go on. Really.

60s and 90s music sounded real

I want to give to your new music
a similar character and vibe.

You will not find rates on this site,
as every project is different

Please get in touch below,
with what you are looking to create.

I will help you create it.