Studio Zoot


Currently in the Cortland Corset Building.
Our relocation to Ithaca will begin in December.

Coming Soon...
Destination Music Production in the Finger Lakes
Have a unique studio experience and create music with vibe and character.

Studio zoot is the creation of Musician and Producer Alex Caminiti

Tracking and/or Attended Mixing
4 hour sessions: $200

Production, Tracking and/or Attended Mixing
10hour sessions: $500

Per-Song Unattended Mixing
$250 (with drums)
$150 (without drums)

I have longstanding relationships with a few mastering engineers for different budgets.


14 Channels of the most accurate Vintage Neve 1073 model
BAE's 1073

2 Channels of the most legendary tube preamp
D.W. Fearn's VT-2
Doug Fearn's tube pre makes anything plugged into it sound insanely good.

32 channels are summed and mixed through the VT-2
Adding vibe, depth and a wider stereo spread to every mix.


(2) Avid HD I/O 16 x 16 Interfaces
(1) Avid Omni 8x8 Interface
Mac Pro 12 Core
Pro Tools|HDX running Pro Tools|HD 11

If you want clean and polished drums... then go somewhere else.
Studio Zoot has a giant old live room with tons of character and vibe.

1940s Hammond CV with Trek2 (B3) percussion and spring reverb modifications.

Budda Super Drive 30 with a Tone Tubby Cab
Fender Vibrolux

Lots of FX pedals (more than pictured)
Delay, Verb, Wah, Filter, Modulation, Octave, Drive


Vintage Roland Chorus Echo (Tape Delay)
Vintage Master Room Spring Reverb